A new state-of-the-art, physician-operated anatomic pathology laboratory specializing in dermatopathology.

Our Services

Comprehensive Diagnostic Pathology Services:

    •  Routine H&E evaluation

    •  Special stains

    •  Immunohistochemistry

    •  In-situ hybridization

    •  Direct immunofluorescence

    •  B- and T-cell gene rearrangements

    •  FISH for borderline melanocytic lesions

    •  BRAF for metastatic melanoma

Clear and concise pathology reports within 24-48 hours for routine cases

Exceptional customer service with a readily accessible dermatopathologist

Close clinical-pathologic correlation, especially with melanocytic lesions as well as with inflammatory skin diseases

Report delivery via courier, internet portal, fax, or EHR connectivity

One-on-one review of diagnostic slides with clinician or group presentation upon request

Photomicrographs are offered to every pathology client

Personal communication for all malignant melanomas or other time-sensitive diagnoses

Quality assurance of Mohs micrographic surgery sections

Slide preparation for clinicians who read their own slides or have their own in-house pathologist